ISO certificate 9001:2008

Ehsan Plastic Company in 2013 was awarded ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Certificate
in order to ensure that the quality of the product delivered to our customers is guaranteed.

The purpose of standard ISO 9001 is to make the organization that implements and implements this standard committed to produce a product that has stable quality. That is, if the product of grade 2 is produced, then this product will not be degraded to grade 3.

One of the things that matters in ISO 9001 is system thinking and process approach. This standard sees the organization as a system and, in a process-oriented way, seeks to create a good relationship between the organizations, in addition to improving the organization's communications and the quality of these communications, it can also provide better product and service to the customer. Made

The ISO 9001 standard also tries to create order by creating requirements for document organization. Organizations need to write down processes and actions that affect customer satisfaction and high-quality product production, and write down specific methods for the organization to produce the same quality product.

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